Year 7 Literacy Catch Up Funding


The Government has allocated funding to schools to support pupils who do not attain the Expected Standard in Literacy at the end of their primary schooling.  This academic year the funding of £11,043 at the Folkestone Academy will be used to:


Catch Up funding in Literacy for Year 7 in 2015/16 was used for the development of opportunities in exploring Shakespeare texts with the Young Shakespeare Company – this subject field is historically the most difficult for lower ability students to access. Workshops and performances were tailored to the needs of students, guided by their teachers, in which students could watch texts in performance and immerse themselves in the language. Written outcomes for students undertaking this intervention increased by 1 Level from the existing baseline as a direct result of this engagement. It serves to mention here also, that attitudes towards handling Shakespeare texts were greatly improved, removing barriers to learning.

In addition to this, students in Year 7 with communication difficulties who did not meet the Level 4 threshold were provided with resources on iPads. The use of technology and particularly analytical media applications have ensured that students have been able to access support in addition to that from their teachers. The effect of this resource will be measured in the data analysis at the end of Term 6 in the academic year 2016/17.