Key Stage 3 Science

Students are taught Key Stage 3 Science in 2 years following the Activate KS3 Science programme. This curriculum provides the scientific foundations required to support students through KS3 science to KS4 (GCSE) success. This programme also has maths, literacy and working scientifically embedded throughout to develop key skills. Students rotate through each of the science disciplines (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) on a termly basis. To encourage the development of independent and critical thinking, extended projects, linked to the curriculum are also woven into the taught topics to increase student curiosity in current scientific affairs.

Year 7

Terms 1-3 will cover topics from:

Biology: Cells and Structure and Function of body systems

Chemistry: Particles and their behaviour and Elements, atoms and compounds

Physics: Forces and Sound


Terms 4-6 will cover topics from:

Biology:  Reproduction

Chemistry: Reactions and Acids and alkalis

Physics: Light and Space


Year 8

Terms 1-3 will cover topics from:

Biology: Health and lifestyle and Ecosystem processes

Chemistry: The periodic table and Separation techniques

Physics: Electricity and magnetism and Energy


Terms 4-6 will cover topics from:

Biology: Adaptation and inheritance

Chemistry: Metals and acids and The Earth

Physics: Motion and pressure