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Hear from Sienna 2017

What Primary School did you go to?
I went to the Folkestone Primary Academy.
How did you feel on the Induction Day?
On the induction day, it was amazing. I felt like I had made lots and lots of friends. I had so much fun and it made me more excited to want to go to the school. I love sports and school in general so I wanted to move straight up to the school. I thought it was the perfect school for me.
Describe your time here in 3 words.
Interesting, Exciting, Unbelievable.
What is your House like?
I love my house. I love how everyone gets along and we are all there for each other. My favourite colour is blue so I’m happy that I’m in Bussell. My Head of House Miss Twyman and my Guidance Manager Mr Roberts are so nice. I’m glad they are here to support me. I’m so privileged to have other teachers because in primary I only had one whereas at the Academy you have lots of teachers to support you throughout the year.
What advice would you give to a Year 6 student who is starting with us in September?
When I moved into Year 7 I was so scared but I didn’t need to be my mum told me that we were all in the same boat. I was worried that I would get lost but I haven’t been late to a single lesson. I made friends as soon as I walked through the door. If you need any help or struggling in something then there is always a person to speak to whether it is a teacher, student or a friend you will always be safe. If you worry about where you eat you always eat in your house. The food here is scrumptious so I have school dinners but you don’t have to have a school dinner; you can have a packed lunch.
What is your favourite part of the day at the Academy and why?
My favourite part of the day is the lessons because you get to learn more, be more ambitious in your learning and if you need help there is always a teacher there to help you. If there isn’t ask a friend or your talk partner. I also like break and lunch because you get to socialise with your friends. Also I love PE because I am very sporty and there are a lot of sports at the Academy. My favourite sports are gymnastics, trampolining and netball. I am doing trampolining at the moment and I am learning how to do an eight jump routine with swivel hips in. This requires me to be courageous because I have to perform challenging skills in the air. I am rewarded for being courageous by earning credits and stickers for my student development portfolio.
I look forward to meeting you all in September.