No ordinary school

There is nothing average about us. 

We serve the community of East Folkestone, an area of significant deprivation. We have a Free School Meals level far in excess of the national average. We have levels of Special Educational Need far in excess of the national average. And our KS2 average points score on entry is one of the lowest in the country. 

Some prospective applicants may be deterred by this context, and we accept that not everyone has the drive and determination to support our students as they overcome these challenges. But many do, and if that’s you, we would welcome your application.

You see, statistics tell part of the story, but not all. Our students have a great sense of humour, are hugely appreciative of their teachers’ efforts, and although in many cases they don’t have high aspirations for themselves, they know that doing well is important. 

They need good teachers to unlock that potential.