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Students Take Part in Writing Workshop with Stewart Ross

A group of Year 7 Students at Folkestone Academy were given the exciting opportunity to take part in a writing workshop with celebrated author, Stewart Ross on Friday 15th June. Along with many other awards, the author is a Sunday Times Best Children’s Book winner for Into the Unknown.

Stewart shared his experiences of being a professional writer; read from some of his newest works and most excitingly; supported learners in constructing their very own short story!

He comments: "Throughout a series of workshops the children explored ideas for creating a collective narrative which takes place after the First World War."

Learners were tasked with writing whole chapters of the story and did so under the expert supervision of Stewart.

Over the next few months a number of events will occur: the piece of new writing will be edited by Stewart personally and published; students participating in the experience will receive a copy to keep and perhaps most excitingly; the book will be available to purchase with the proceeds from sales donated to a charitable cause.

Year 7 student Harry Morgan comments: “It was an excellent day and everyone enjoyed it. I learnt how to write a book and how important it is to plan every chapter. Stewart was a funny and clever man.”

The event was organised by Associate Assistant Principal, Mr Thomas Waterman. He comments: “It was a real treat to work with Stewart and the group of Year 7s for the duration of the day on Friday. I was astounded at the level of creativity and determination shown by the children to construct an entire narrative (and a complex one at that) within the time available. The writing was rich and creative and exemplified what talented students we have here at Folkestone Academy. I can’t wait to see the finished book once Stewart has finished editing!”