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Students Celebrate Technology with STEM Event

Over 50 students at the Folkestone Academy took part in a Canterbury Christchurch University STEM activity day as part of their Technology Society celebration event. Ambassadors joined the students on a project to build a stadium out of solid rods made from rolled newspaper using a STIXX machine.

Students were tasked with setting out individual roles within their teams such as Project Manager, Design Engineer, Construction Manager and Safety Officer. Students then set to work to plan, design and build their stadiums.

Each team were guided by STEM Ambassadors Martin George and Ron Eckersley from Canterbury Christ Church University. They demonstrated to students on how to use the STIXX machine and advised on techniques and safety guidelines.

The day concluded with each team presenting to Martin, Ron and Mr Locker, IT teacher and Technology Society Leader at the Academy. Points were awarded for design, construction and presentation. The winning team were Brody Kennedy, Jack Elliot, Bradley Elliot, Evie Twyman and Fateha Begum [picture attached].

Mr Locker comments on the day’s activities: “It was a fun day and great to see the students working in teams to complete the challenge set.  It was mentioned how great it was to see students being encouraged to try engineering activities and how enthusiastic they all were during the day, some even asking to skip lunch and continue the work!”