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Foster House Overview

The patron of this house is the architect Norman Foster, also known as The Right Honourable Lord Foster of Thames Bank OM.

The ethos of Foster House is best explained through its coat of arms...

Initially, students chose the frog and chameleon as mascots - creatures known for adapting as they advance through life (as students might as they journey towards adulthood). The salamander was the popular choice, however, as it represents the fire (or passion) and hard graft of the blacksmith’s forge.

In heraldry, the towers and castles depict fortitude and protectiveness. The bold, angular structure of the Academy building, itself a Foster & Partners design, suggests these qualities and the colour (green) hints at hope, joy and loyalty - traits we should all aspire to.

The ring represents fidelity and its positioning on the shield (so that it appears like a sun rising in the east) links with the idea of a new dawn for our town. Through our charity and community links, Foster House continues to contribute to the development of the local area.

Known as the Foster Foundations, we plan, design and build for a brighter future together.