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Hear from Taya 2017

What Primary School did you go to?
I went to the Folkestone Primary Academy.
How did you feel on the Induction Day?
On the Induction day, I felt very nervous; I was scared that I wasn’t going to fit in or make any friends. At first, I wasn’t very sure of what was expected of me and where to go, but it turns out; I had lots of people helping me.
What is it like being a Year 7 at the Folkestone Academy?
To be a Year 7 at the Academy is a lot of responsibility but I feel that it’s also a privilege. School life can be a bit hard at times but knowing that I’ve got friends around reminds me that there is nothing to worry about; I know that they will help me through anything that concerns or worries me.
What are you favourite bits of Year 7?
One of my favourite parts of Year 7 is getting my new timetables. I enjoy finding out what new classes I have each term. Not only that, I find the Academic Review Days interesting because I get to find out what my tutors and teachers think of me. It puts a massive smile on my face knowing that they are proud of my work, and more importantly enjoy having me as a student in their classes.
What advice would you give to a Year 6 student who is starting with us in September?
The most important advice I would give to anyone starting at the Academy in September is not to worry or be nervous, because at the end of the day, it’s not going to get you anywhere! My advice is, stay in control of yourself, take on board all of the information and advice given to you by your teachers and most importantly - Enjoy yourself!
What are the Academy Values and how do you show these during the day?
If you’re a student that is sensible, I think you will find it easy getting rewarded throughout your first year at the Academy. Earning credits is the most common form of reward at the Academy – this happens in almost every lesson!
Representing the Academy for a sporting event will gain you 5 credits also, and an even bigger reward of earning 50 credits can come from contributing to a House event, such as House Drama, House Dance or House Singing.
If your teachers think you have exemplified our values of Joy, Courage and Ambition they will reward you with a Personal Development Sticker that goes into your Personal Development Portfolio. Once you’ve filled up your bronze sticker bank, you go onto your silver, and after that, you can hit the jackpot and go for gold!