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VIDEO : Folkestone Primary Academy 

September 2013


VIDEO : Folkestone Primary Academy Guy Hollaway Architects

April 2014

Produced by Guy Hollaway Architects team.

VIDEO : Folkestone Primary's Got Talent 2014

July 2014


VIDEO : Folkestone Primary Remembrance Balloon Release 2014

November 2014

Thank you to Mr Robert Muir for the footage.

VIDEO : Folkestone Primary Academy - Hear from our Students

November 2014  

VIDEO : Folkestone Primary Academy - Children's University

February 2015  

VIDEO: Folkestone Primary Academy - Book Week 2015

March 2015  

VIDEO: Year 6 Leavers Show 2015

July 2015  

VIDEO: Folkestone Primary Academy's Got Talent

July 2015 Key Stage 2 children perform in the annual talent show

VIDEO: Folkestone Primary Academy Book Week 2017

March 2017