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Health Eating Show

Children were lucky enough to participate in the ‘Healthy Eating Roadshow’ with Dr Question!  They learned about the 3 S foods that they should cut down on – salt, sugar and saturated fats!  Did you know that a child in Year 6 should only have 22g of saturated fats per day? A fast food meal containing fries, a hamburger and a chocolate shake contains over 40g! They also learned about how fruits & vegetables benefit the brain, heart, bowels and bones.  Keep eating that 5 a day!
Children were treated to some wonderful games, including: fruit kebab stacking, fishing out hearts from saturated fat (slime), transporting calcium to the bones through vegetables and ‘pass the poo’.  The children have come top of the leader board of schools in the area, as they passed the poo through the whole year group in 11 seconds.